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Well, wow!, it’s been nearly a year since my last post.

What only a few of you know is that I’ve been on what I call a sabbatical … that’s probably not the very best term for it, but that’s what I decided to call it.

The truth is, I got annoyed (to put it mildly) with a lot of the tactics in the internet marketing industry and decided to take some time off to reconsider my mission statement.

This was also designed to help me focus in more on a few of my own projects. And then there’s been the whole caretaker’s role, which becomes more difficult as issues progress.

But with all that said, I just wanted to take a second and let you know something is coming. Something good. (I’m tempted to say great, earth-shattering, paradigm-changing and so on and so on, but how about I forget the hype and just say I think it will be something good; maybe eventually great, and all those other superlatives, but I’ll just leave it there for now.)

For quite a while now, I’ve come to realize how important it is to be able to systemize your efforts, goals, thinking, etc., whether these be business related or personal. To some extent, I’ve done it all my life. As a novelist, as a technical writer, as a programmer and so on.

But I’ve often felt the tools I could find were not entirely adequate. Don’t get me wrong. Some are very, very good. Just not exactly what I wanted.

Well … that’s what this “something good” is all about. For quite a little while now, I’ve been developing a software application that I believe has the potential to be truly useful, to me at least, and hopefully for many others who choose to check it out when it is launched.

I also intend to offer some essential training, but I’ll talk about that some other time.

In any case, a lot of this is going to be about organization and systemization, about structuring your thoughts, your life, your business, your projects, etc.

At some point, I suspect there may even be one of those phone apps “in the offing” that now have become so popular.

If the appeal is there, I intend the product to evolve considerably over the long-term and become a very, very powerful tool.

Do you think you would have any interest in coming along on that journey?

I have suggested a time or two before, in various venues, that its release was close at hand, only to experience various delays, many outside of my control, but when I say now that it will be soon, I really do believe it. I think no later than the first quarter next year, and perhaps sooner than that.

So … if this sounds like something you might find of interest, sign up below and I’ll alert you when the launch is imminent.

Profit Marketer 5 Day Only Special Offer

Hey again.

It hasn't been as long since my last post as it seems to be. But it has been a while.

You see, my host (not my site) got hit with malware and it's been a PITA. Oh well … I won't bore you with the details. All I want to say about it is don't ever take a friend's recommendation when you choose a host, no matter how attractive the deal may appear. Do your due diligence and research, research, research.

But on with the point of this post:


One of the very few training products I currently feel great about recommending to you has just gone on sale, and I wanted to let you know about it right away.

This will be for 5 days only, and I don't expect the price will ever be this low again.

For the next 5 days, Mike Johnson is offering his very impressive Profit Marketer Membership at a very special discount. This is a complete internet marketing training solution, from beginner to advanced, that includes over 95 training videos, over 80 premium WordPress plugins, over 100 premium WordPress themes and a live Niche Finder and Keyword Service all integrated into an online WordPress installation, upgrade, management and backup tool.

This is the ultimate membership for anyone wanting to build a serious, money-making online business. I don't know of anything else like it anywhere. But it is simply too much to go into any more detail here. You'll want to see this and evaluate it for yourself.

Take a look:

Profit Focused Marketing — The Real Deal?

Hey again.

Listen, I kinda went on sabbatical, and I've been coding and doing some other related stuff ever since so that's why I haven't posted on this blog for so long.

Anyhow, a colleague was supposed to post here months ago and let you know about it, but he forgot, and I was too distracted to notice. LOL.

My single-minded focus thing sometimes keeps me from noticing a lot of things. He was supposed to tell you that I wouldn't be promoting anything for a while due to preparation for a product launch, and that I wouldn't be sending out my newsletter, that I would be kinda out of touch in general …

I guess I kinda made it optional, but he was even supposed to continue posting periodically …

(What do you think? Should I can him?)

Oh well. My apologies. But as I told him at the time, I would be back if something came up that I thought was truly worthwhile or that truly needed to be said. Or something like that. I don't remember my exact words.

Okay. So here it is, something truly worthwhile — but wait, let me just say that I have no idea if this will be truly worthwhile or not. But I said I wouldn't be back this soon unless it was. So, you know, I'm sending mixed signals here. LOL!

Well, okay, here's the thing. I haven't had the time or the inclination to check this out in detail yet, so my opinion on this is based on past experience with Mike rather than an actual evaluation of the offer.

So keep that in mind.

But as I'm sure you know, past experience is often a good measure. One can't always rely on it, but I believe this is going to be the real deal, and I would be remiss if I didn't tell you about it. Er, or give it my personal recommendation (since you've probably heard about it already anyway).

I do know that the last major training course Mike came out with was very worthwhile. So hopefully this will be as great as it sounds. (If not, it's being sold through Clickbank so you can always ask for your money back if it doesn't look right, okay?)

Anyhow, I've got lots to do yet on that launch and otherwise, so let me get on with it. I know you're going to want to check this out once you know what I'm talking about.

Oh wait. Everyone you should be following is promoting it already, so you probably already know what I'm talking about: Mike Johnson's Profit.FM.

So I'm not going to waste any more of your time here. If you haven't checked it out (because you were waiting just to see if your most trusted adviser — why, me, of course! — was going to promote it), then it's time to go to:

My bonus? Well … how about free admittance to the launch of my own product? It will be a couple of months yet, though. Maybe more. And I can't tell you what it is yet. LOL.

Some bonus, huh? (Yes, it will be, actually.)

Oh well. I gotta get back to it.

I don't care (much) if you buy through my link or not. It will be your loss if you don't, of course, but I can't worry about that right now. I just thought I should let you know about it.

Profit.FM may not turn out to be anything special. Then again, if past experience can be trusted, it just may turn out to be one of the very few MUST HAVES this year.

I hope you will check it out:

Either way, it will probably be a while before you hear from me again, so continued good luck with your endeavors and take care.

To your success!,

Richard D. Farley / MythoSpheres Development

Mastering Marketing with MythoSpheres Development

As part of an effort to be of more of service to my subscribers, I've decided to start sending out more informational content — hopefully on a semi-regular basis.

Weekly, maybe? We'll see.

The length and quality of the writing, as well as of the information, may vary considerably. It will depend on what else (and how much) is going on with me, but I'll simply postpone and omit if I feel it's necessary.

So … this may eventually become a full-blown marketing newsletter. But for the immediate future, I expect it to be fairly short and to-the-point articles about various aspects of online marketing (and perhaps offline, too, occasionally).

My subscribers will find resources that pertain to the discussion (when available and when I feel comfortable recommending them) at the end of these soliloquies. (Soliloquies? Fancy word, yeah?) I will be putting these resources at the end so as to not interrupt the flow.

Some of this information (and the aforementioned resources) may prove to be "old hat" to some of my subscribers. Since I don't have a very complete picture about how much or how little experience various folks have, I have to go with the basics at least some of the time, right?

But if you are, or become, a subscriber and are patient with me. I know, sooner or later, I'll get around to providing some information that even the most seasoned marketer will find extremely valuable. Just don't expect it every time out.


This will be for my subscribers ONLY and will not be published here, at AWeber, or elsewhere.

So if you haven't signed up yet, please do so and watch for my next email, most likely in about 12 hours or so, in which I will begin by discussing …

Don't you just love cliff-hangers? LOL.

To your continuing success!,
Richard D. Farley / MythoSpheres Development

Monster Interactive Demonstration. NO OPTIN Required. And I get silly!

Did you get Greg Jacobs free Mage Affliate plugin I mentioned in my last post?

Hope so. I mean, after all, why not?

Today Greg's taking it one step further and showing you a full, interactive demonstration of the complete Monster Mage software suite.

If you ever wanted to know EXACTLY what you will get when it is released to the general public on Tuesday then I strongly suggest you check out this video right now.

Not everyone will show you the the guts of a system before you invest.  I firmly believe Monster is the most complete and comprehensive system out there on the market today. I want to encourage you to give this a "good look" to see if it's right for you.

Even if it's not, it doesn't ever hurt to stay FULLY informed of EXACTLY what kind of tools some of your competition may be using.

There is no optin required to watch this.  Simply click on the link.

Who knows, maybe you'll decide to join me and be a Monster, too.

Anyone remember the old Dr. Pepper ditty? It's going around and around in my head right now, only with different words — I'm a Monster, she's a Monster, wouldn't you like to be a Monster, too?

I'm being very silly now, I know. Hope you'll forgive. I'm a little dizzy. An old friend dropped by yesterday and spun my head a little bit. It's been a long time coming I guess. I'm just overwhelmed with too much information right now!

Anyhow, Monster Mage is serious business. Hope you'll take a few minutes to check it out:

To your success!,

P.S. – At the bottom of the page is a little form where you can get on the "early bird" list. If you like what you see, I strongly suggest you sign up there because on Tuesday Greg is releasing only 500 copies of Monster and these will most likely be sold out to those on the early list. If you think there's even a slim chance you want it, then you need to be prepared to act quickly.